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Syngenta are very proud to support the 2022 Kirklees Diversity, Equality and Innovation Conference and Awards.


At Syngenta we come from 120 nationalities and we work in more than 90 different countries. We are from hugely varied backgrounds and all working-age generations, we are from different genders, and we have different ways of thinking.


Every day we interact with people around the world inside and outside our business, from the smallest of smallholders to the biggest large-scale farmers, from research scientists to agronomic experts in the field, all supported by our diverse manufacturing operations throughout the World.


We embrace and encourage diversity, and this is what drives our innovation and lets us outperform the market. With Diversity comes Innovation, both strengths which help us support farmers to protect plants from weeds, pests and disease - from planting to harvesting. As a world market leader in crop protection, we help farmers to counter these threats through sustainable farming and ensure enough safe, nutritious, affordable food is available to all of us.


We are delighted to help shine a spotlight on the nominees for the 2022 Kirklees Diversity, Equality and Innovation Awards and we applaud all of the nominees for their continued dedication, passion and personal commitment to making Kirklees a thriving place to live.


At Cummins, we believe that we win with the power of difference - our long history and values reflect this. We are continuously improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), just like we continue to improve other priorities as a technology company, such as patent development, quality control, manufacturing efficiencies and many others.


One of Cummins Huddersfield DE&I Council’s goals for 2022 is to raise Cummins’ visibility as a DE&I employer in the community.  It gives the company competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent and ensures that our workforce reflects the local community.  Promoting an inclusive environment internally to our employees and externally to our community and customers demonstrates how we care and value the power of difference.


For Cummins, being a sponsor of the Kirklees Diversity = Innovation Network provides an invaluable space to learn best practice from the events, workshops and training that the network arranges, along with learnings from our partners.  In addition, we gain knowledge to disseminate internally through the Cummins DE&I Council.  We are honoured to be a sponsor of the awards and conference and look forward to the continuing this important work together.

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Cllr Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, said:

“I’m so proud to be supporting the Diversity=Innovation Network’s Showcase and Awards. It’s essential that while we recognise we have much more progress to make, we don’t shy away from coming together to celebrate the incredible people of Kirklees and their ground-breaking work.”


“Kirklees is rich in diversity and it’s undeniably one of our greatest strengths. Our communities and the cultural and economic influence they have had on the borough makes Kirklees such a great place to live, work and visit.


“But we have much more work to undertake if we want to feel the full benefits that our diverse borough has to offer. We need to ensure that all voices are heard and that everyone can live a healthy life that is full of opportunity.


“To achieve this requires collaboration because we work better when we work together. The pandemic showed what's possible when public bodies, businesses and communities unite and work towards a common aim. Together we can create a fairer economy where everyone can benefit from success and residents have greater opportunity to gain employment and develop skills.


“Which is why this event is so important as it allows us to recognise and reward the excellent work from private, public and charitable sector organisations and individuals who are working hard to make inclusion and diversity a reality in Kirklees.”



KAL are delighted to support the Kirklees Diversity, Equality and Innovation Conference and Awards, with Equality, Diversity & Inclusion being a priority area for KAL to progress.


KAL (Kirklees Active Leisure) is the local, charitable, not-for-profit leisure trust that manages 13 leisure sites across the Kirklees area, working in close partnership with Kirklees Council, providing opportunities for the whole community to improve their health & wellbeing. KAL are delighted to support this event, as we view Equality, Diversity & Inclusion as a priority for the organisation, helping KAL to develop a more diverse workforce and customer base that reflects the local Kirklees demographic profile. KAL is delighted to support this exciting event, helping to further raise the importance of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion across Kirklees and the benefits that such an approach brings to all organisations, your staff, partners and customers.

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Fostering an inclusive work culture is imperative for any business striving to achieve true diversity and equity in the workplace. The benefits to having a diverse workplace are vast – including bringing a wider range of ideas, skills and resources to your business. At Haddletons we invest in creating a culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging; recognising that diverse teams promote better employee engagement, productivity and job satisfaction. Diversity and inclusion play an important role in the best practice HR strategy for any business, whatever the business type or sector.


The Haddletons mission is to enable innovative businesses with big ideas to realise their ambitions - through our premium legal and compliance services. As business specialists with a focus in the STEM sector, we are committed to working with businesses in the Huddersfield area, which is a rapidly growing centre for enterprise, innovation and collaboration.


Haddletons is very proud to be supporting **name of event here**. The event will allow attendees to embrace the diversity of ideas and working practises of people from different backgrounds, experiences and identities. Sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm with businesses who want to innovate, connect and grow is what we love to do! 



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